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Obbi Mens Naro 1931 Bib Shorts #madetoorder #customize

Be comfortable all day with these full day (8+ hour) bib shorts. Sustainable Italian materials. Crafted by hand in Naples Italy. Recycled and plant based materials that maintain industry leading performance characteristics.

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Obbi Mens Naro 1931 Bib Shorts #madetoorder #customize Bib Shorts Obbi
Obbi Mens Naro 1931 Bib Short Bib Shorts Obbi
Obbi Mens Naro 1931 Bib Short Bib Shorts Obbi
Obbi Mens Naro 1931 Bib Shorts #madetoorder #customize Bib Shorts Obbi
Obbi Mens Naro 1931 Bib Shorts #madetoorder #customize Bib Shorts Obbi
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Wear The Future

When you put on the Naro 1931 bib shorts, you’re wearing the future of sportswear. Obbi uses cutting-edge technology to design and produce the world’s most technologically advanced bib shorts.

As with all Obbi products, Obbi only uses high-tech materials with unique features. Obbi Naro 1931 bib shorts make use of made in Italy Relyfe fabrics, which guarantee high performance and the ability to maintain constant performance over time. The material has a long lasting elasticity and fantastic pilling resistance allowing the fabric to follow the movements of the body. These shorts are super-lightweight, highly breathable and dry very fast. Furthermore, these bib shorts provide ideal muscle compression in order to reduce muscle fatigue and keep you performing at your highest level for longer. The Naro 1931 bib shorts also have improved UV protection embedded in the fabrics for your protection during longer rides.

For the straps, the bib shorts use a polyamide #10 yarn derived from a vegetable based castor oil instead of more traditional polyamide #6.6 petroleum based yarn. A #10 rating provides high tensile strength, flexibility, toughness, good resilience and abrasion resistance. The yarn also has hydrophobic properties allowing it to disperse water and sweat without the need for an application of water repellent chemicals.

For the chamois, Obbi uses the latest edition the Peloton Hybrid from Elastic Interface®. The Peloton Hybrid is designed for ultra-cycling and long hours in the saddle. The design of this chamois is developed with a central channel allowing for improved blood flow while reducing pressure and numbness. This chamois features a mixed-fiber fabric made of sustainable polyamide and polyester, which guarantee a smooth surface, cooling functions and quick drying.

Hand Made

Made sustainably by hand in Naples Italy, these bib shorts apply recycled Italian Relyfe fabrics, INNERGY fabric and #10 plant based polyamide yarns. They are manufactured when you order never wasting materials on bib shorts that will never be worn. Relyfe fabrics, created by the Italian manufacturer of Kinetech fabrics, have that same wicking, aero and compressive properties as the ground breaking Kinetech fabric.

When you order the Naro 1931 bib shorts, Obbi takes 10 business days to manufacture this bib short by hand in Naples Italy. Great care is taken to assemble every detail of this bib short never wasting materials on bib shorts that will never be sold. When you order please supply your name so that it can be printed on the inside of the bib shorts.


  • Performance and comfort without compromise. Obbi is one of the few manufacturers the publishes their premium material choices. It's apparel proudly crafted by hand Naples Italy.
  • High-tech and super-lightweight Relyfe®️ fabrics.
  • Elastic Interface®️ Peloton HYBRID chamois
  • Laser cut cuffs
  • Lycra®️ laser-cut shoulder strap
  • UPF 50+ sun protection factor
  • INNERGY®️ fabric around the abdomen for added comfort.
  • You may know Obbi from the custom 3t exploro kit or perhaps xpeedunited.
  • Quite possibly the most comfortable bib shorts you will ever wear.

Relyfe fabrics

  • Lightweight second skin effect
  • Perfect muscle compression
  • Reduced drag over 21 mph /  35 kph
  • Relyfe fabric weighs just 130gr/sm
  • This fabric just simply feels fast, cools fast and is a top choice for hot, fast and long days in the saddle.
  • Relyfe fabrics have a same industry leading properties as Kinetech fabrics.
  • Relyfe fabrics are manufactured by the same company that manufactures Kinetech fabrics.
  • Relyfe fabrics are sustainably manufactured from recycled compounds.

Speak Italian? Watch this video.

The story behind the name

The 1931 Giro d'Italia was the 19th edition of the Giro d'Italia, a cycling race organized and sponsored by the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. The race began on May 10th in Milan with a stage that stretched 206 km (128 mi) to Mantua, finishing back in Milan on May 31st after a 263 km (163 mi) stage and a total distance covered of 3,012 km (1,872 mi). The race was won by the Francesco Camusso of the Gloria team. Second and third respectively were the Italian riders Luigi Giacobbe and Luigi Marchisio.

Of the 109 riders that began the Giro d'Italia on May 10th, 65 of them made it to the finish in Milan on May 31st. Riders were allowed to ride on their own or as a member of a team.

On the 6th stage the organizing committee decided that grouped riders will leave first and the isolated riders will leave 15 minutes later. Ettore Mein, who has a record of winning 5 stages of the Giro d'Italia, and one stage in the 1934 Tour de France was an isolated rider and closed the 15 minute time gap to win the 256 km (159mi) stage from Naples to Rome. 1931 also introduced the Maglia Rosa which was being worn by race leader Alfredo Binda but during stage 6, due to a crashing near the the Villa Glori hippodrome, Binda was was forced to relinquish the jersey to Michele Mara who then lost the jersey to Luigi Marchisio in next stage.

The Naro 1931 bib shorts are dedicated to the riders on who faced the challenges of stage 6 of the 1931 Giro d'Italia.

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