• Honest Savings Guide

    Cycling Apparel Sales: the perfect opportunity to score great deals on last season’s cycling apparel in undesirable colours and leftover sizes.

    But not with 21 Stages. We believe your patronage should be properly rewarded, so we offer clear, accessible discounts on all our cycling apparel, featuring the latest tech and on-trend styling—all in complete size runs, and all without that scary Final Sale stamp.

  • Fall Kit Guide - Part 1

    Fall may be here, but the season is far from finished. Make the most of your ride with the right gear.

  • Meet the Quick-Free Zipper

    This collection was designed around a simple Quick-Free zipper function. It allows you to remove your outer layer in seconds, even with with gloves, cold or wet hands by tugging at the top of the collar to release the zipper.

  • Quality and Comfort for Lovers of Cycling

    The Pacto brand was founded in 2009 and is based in Portugal. It was founded by former professional cyclist Pedro Cardoso who after a 15 year career, in partnership with former cyclist Afonso Azevedo, decided to apply his passion and experience in cycling to cycling apparel.

  • A message from the founders of Givelo

    At Givelo, we make cycling clothing that speaks for itself; it’s about the cyclist’s lifestyle, not about the brand. A cyclist is always looking to surpass their limit and Givelo supports and makes those goals attainable. Our team is made up of like-minded people that are at the top of their industry, who are willing to push their limits each day; hence our company slogan, Don’t Settle.
  • A message from the founders of Obbi

    At Obbi we strive to be different. We want to give you the best, most advanced and comfortable cycling kit you can possibly imagine. This is not your usual kind of cycling apparel. We use cutting-edge technology to design and produce the most advanced and comfortable cycling apparel in the world.
  • Obbi and Graphene+

    Lately at the Olympics there has been noise about Graphene+ but have you ever wondered why?
  • Favero Assioma DUO-Shi Q-Factor

    Favero Assioma's are considered to be one of the most accurate and reliable power meters on the market but with the release of the Favero Assioma DUO-Shi there has been lots of discussion on the addition of 64-65mm to the q-factor compared to the more common 53-54mm addition. That's a difference of 11mm but do you know what the q-factor is on all of the bicycles that you ride and the addition to the q-factor by the pedals on those bicycles? Keep reading to dive deeper into q-factors...
  • Explore Givelo

    We could tell you more about Givelo but we thought we'd let our happy customers do it for us!

  • Rewards and Refer a Friend

    This week we spent some time considering the simplicity of goals, like the ones above, and the amount of details required to make most goals a reality. Consider the changes our bodies go through starting from 5 years old to when we're able to ride an adult sized bicycle and then even more so as we develop as cyclists in our preferred disciplines. These changes are things of beauty yet we seldom stop to consider the complexity of the atomic structures and mechanics required to facilitate these goals.
  • Summer Cycling Kit Guide

    Long hours of sunshine giving us lots of time to ride, race and explore with friends are here. Those long hours on the trainer over the winter are paying off and we're riding further and faster than we ever have this season. Follow our Cycling cycling kit guide to stay comfortable in the amazing conditions that summer brings.
  • Givelo's Ultra HD Bib Shorts

    Givelo's High Density Bib short was designed and tested for 2 years and they're one of our most popular items.